About Us

We strive to produce agile, muscular, healthy American Bulldogs with excellent structure and proper temperament. Root’s American Bulldogs are clean breathers, athletic and work!  Our dogs are worked and trained daily; and compete in the confirmation and working show rings across the U.S.  We breed to improve the American Bulldog breed. All of our breeding stock is Penn-hipped or O.F.A. certified with proper temperament. We believe in producing quality not quantity. Root’s American Bulldogs have outgoing, people friendly dispositions and at the same time are VERY territorial and guarding of their turf. Our Bulldogs are raised around our children and grandchildren in a family environment. They often scare people with their “tough guy” appearance, but are very affectionate when guests are invited in through the front door. Enjoy the pictures and please e-mail or telephone with any questions or comments.